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Measurement of online & offline advertising


i-DUBAI LAB-Measurement of online & offline advertising

AREA 2071

AREA 2071


Procter & Gamble (P&G) in partnership with AREA 2071 is launching a unique challenge with the objective to identify creative and innovative solutions to measure and track online and offline advertisements; with specific focus on the middle eastern markets.

We are looking for solutions that quantitatively measures real-time effectiveness of our online and TV advertising. Online via measuring reach & frequency of advertisement viewability, and TV via measuring audience attention to advertisement video and audio.

Hear it from the team

Farhan Qasim, analytics & insight leader in P&G, focusing on emerging market shoppers and retail.

Measurement of online & offline advertising

P&G is one of the largest television advertisers in the middle east and has a fast-growing online media footprint. While tools are available in the industry that measure effectiveness of a company’s marketing activities, we marketers, are still faced with challenges, such as:

  • Data reported to track media consumption is often not accurate: Reasons behind this are (i) Responses gathered are often claimed and not observable & (ii) There’s often a significant lag between data collection to result delivery. Often we are solving for a problem that happened a couple of months ago. We all know that’s a very long time In the context of today’s media landscape.
  • Granularity of data reporting is limited: Many tools today are not giving us the granularity of data that is needed for strategic interventions. For example, in a region like the middle east where all of our campaigns are targeting specific target audiences, we want a solution that equips us to understand results based on these demographical groups, so for us to better understand where exactly the opportunity lies for us to fix”


  1. Access to senior decision makers within P&G.
  2. Paid travel and accommodation for up to 3 team-members per company.
  3. We don’t take equity in your company.
  4. Licensing opportunity with AREA 2071.
  5. Access to AREA 2071’s Challenge Platform.
  6. Networking opportunities with government and multinational partners in AREA 2071.
  7. Access to AREA 2071’s ecosystem of accelerators, events, activations.
  8. Subsidized office space for the companies post program at AREA 2071.
  9. Eligibility to apply for the UAE Entrepreneurship Visa exclusively with AREA 2071.


  1. A rapidly scalable solution i.e. low fixed cost of entry.
  2. A solution that tracks observable data and not claimed responses.
  3. A solution that generates close to real time measurement data i.e. < 5 mins on digital platforms and < 1 day on TV.
  4. A solution that is unconstrained from a geographical point of view – can be plugged and played in any middle eastern country.
  5. A regulatory and legal friendly solution.
  6. A solution that has not already been showcased to a competitor of P&G, non-compete industries are fine.
  7. A solution which is easier to read and analyze data from.

Are you a startup interested in the space of media measurement and interested in applying your solution hand-in-hand with a leading FMCG company?

Application Deadline: 15th July 2020, 11.59pm (GMT+4)


Procter & Gamble (en-ae.pg.com) is a leading FMCG company with presence across 180 countries and over $67 Billion in revenue. Our brands are trusted in millions of living rooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms—and have been passed down from generation to generation. Over the course of 181 years, we have challenged convention, led innovation, and helped shape culture.

i-Dubai is the latest P&G innovation center which started in Apr 2019. P&G has 7 such centers around the globe designed to deliver cutting edge Go-to-market innovation for its retailers and distributors. i-Dubai is the only innovation center for P&G in the Middle East and Africa region and is specifically designed to cater to the Emerging Markets from Latin America to Africa to Asia Pacific.

AREA 2071 is envisaged to be a platform that brings together creative individuals, innovative companies and government entities to collaborate and create solutions to the worlds’ most challenging questions with an aim to better a future that benefits humanity through new technologies.

The challenge offers an opportunity for selected companies to come and present their ideas to our panel of experts in Dubai and have the opportunity to pilot this program in P&G’s wider markets.