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AREA 2071

AREA 2071


Procter and Gamble’s (P&G) I-Dubai in partnership with AREA 2071 is launching the first micro-credit challenge for emerging markets in the region. P&G is looking for solutions that enable the small retailer in building financial credibility and improve their business model.

Procter & Gamble (P&G) is a leading manufacturer of FMCG brands globally. P&G covers close to 4 million High Frequency Stores (small stores) via its distributor network across the Asia and African continents. These stores are visited by the distributor seller around 1-2 times a month and do a business of between 10-100 $ per month.


i-Dubai Lab is looking to solve a prevalent
problem in emerging economies across the world
– the micro-credit challenge.

Emerging and developing economies are home to 85 percent of the world’s population. These countries are the fastest growing retail markets in the world, where you can find any retail format you can imagine. Yet, most of shopping in India or Nigeria or Egypt, for example, is still done in the millions of small shops crisscrossing local neighborhoods. These small shops are usually family owned. The owner, or Retailer, knows his customers very well; what products & brands they buy, and the value they expect.

P&G covers close to 4 million High Frequency Stores (small stores) via its distributor network across the Asia and African continents. One of the biggest driver of the business with small stores is availability of credit as the smaller independent retailers is typically crunched on cash. A big chunk of the stores do not receive any credit from the distributor owing to risk and these retailers not having the financial muscle to be shown “credit worthy” to the typical financial institution.


Next milestones  to keep in your calendar:

Dec. 10th 2019, 1.30pm (GMT+4)
Webinar with P&G: In case you missed our webinar, you can listen to the recording here

Dec. 12th 2019, 12pm – 1pm (GMT+4)
Virtual Pitching Competition for 3 start-ups -> Opportunity to secure your place to come to Dubai and engage directly with P&Gs team

Jan. 30th 2020, 11.59pm (GMT+4)
Deadline to submit your application


  1. Access to senior decision makers within P&G.
  2. Paid travel and accommodation for up to 3 team-members per company.
  3. We don’t take equity in your company.
  4. Licensing opportunity with AREA 2071.
  5. Access to AREA 2071’s Challenge Platform.
  6. Networking opportunities with government and multinational partners in AREA 2071.
  7. Access to AREA 2071’s ecosystem of accelerators, events, activations.
  8. Subsidized office space for the companies post program at AREA 2071.
  9. Eligibility to apply for the UAE Entrepreneurship Visa exclusively with AREA 2071.


  1. An existing proof of concept/success story carried out in a developing economy.
  2. A rapidly scalable solution i.e. low fixed cost of entry.
  3. A solution that is unconstrained from a geographical point of view – can be plugged and played in any country.
  4. A regulatory and legal friendly solution.
  5. A solution that has not already been showcased to a competitor of P&G, non-compete industries are fine.
  6. A solution which is easier to read and analyze data from.
  7. A low investment solution (time, money or effort) from the small retailer.

Are you a start-up in the field of fin-tech and interested in applying your solution hand-in-hand with a leading FMCG company?

Submit your application latest by January 30th 2020, 11.59pm GMT+4


Procter & Gamble (en-ae.pg.com) is a leading FMCG company with presence across 180 countries and over $67 Billion in revenue. Our brands are trusted in millions of living rooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms—and have been passed down from generation to generation. Over the course of 181 years, they’ve challenged convention, led innovation, and helped shape culture.

P&G in partnership with the Dubai Government, joined AREA 2071 as partners in an initiative that aims to transform the lives of billions through innovation across the Emerging Market retail.

i-Dubai is the latest P&G innovation centre which started in Apr 2019. P&G has 6 such centre around the globe designed to deliver cutting edge Go-to-market innovation for its retailers and distributors. i-Dubai is the only innovation centre for P&G in the Middle East and Africa region and is specifically designed to cater to the Emerging Markets from Latin America to Africa to Asia Pacific.

AREA 2071 is envisaged to be a platform that brings together creative individuals, innovative companies and government entities to collaborate and create solutions to the worlds’ most challenging questions with an aim to better a future that benefits humanity through new technologies.

The challenge offers an opportunity for selected companies to come and present their ideas to our panel of experts in Dubai and have the opportunity to pilot this program in P&G’s wider markets.