"We must plant the seeds today for future generations and prosper tomorrow"
His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum


The Space

With a modern twist to office environments, AREA 2071’s space was designed to cater needs in a flexible enriching atmosphere to boost creativity and interaction.

The design nourishes a wide variety of experiences, from common resources and private workspaces to inspirational shared activities.

Meeting Rooms

With a vibrant modern interior and bright glass exterior, AREA 2071 meeting rooms were designed to give a unique experience for usual meeting. Embedded with Prizm smart screens and writable walls makes it the perfect setting for inhouse brainstorming sessions and global digital meetings.

Up to 70


Portable Screens 50” 60” 80”

2 Portable Speakers, 4 handheld Microphones, 2 Lapel Microphone

4 Flipcharts + Markers We do not provide Stationaries (e.g. notepads, pens, post-its etc.)

Meditation Pods

With private meditation pods that are embedded with digital screens which showcase various nature scenes such as icy mountains all the way to underwater experiences, our partners can escape from work pressure in various ways.

It’s an escape from reality that has never been more realistic. Just a few steps away at AREA 2071!

AREA 2071 flourishes when everyone within the garden connects, works in harmony, and inspires each other to do the best work possible.