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Be part of AREA 2071’s virtual ecosystem and enjoy a variety of benefits exclusive to AREA 2071 members!

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Who are Residents?
If you are a startup, freelancer or an innovator we welcome you to join our community. This will give you access to our subsidized services, global markets through our “Country in Residence” program, startup challenges, community events, and networking opportunities.
Business Visa
UAE Regulations Lab
Business License
Digital Community
Country in Residence
Who are Hosts?
We invite government entities, corporates and NGOs to join our community and discover new possibilities at AREA 2071. Dedicated workspaces, innovation labs, and opportunities to collaborate with other like-minded organizations, startups, and global talent.
Programmes & Labs
Government Accelerator
Ministry of Possibilities
Dubai Future Labs
Digital Community
Who are Guests?
If you are a creator, a bold thinker, or simply curious about the world, and daring enough to imagine a better future, then AREA 2071 is where you should be. We give you access to regular programmes, events, workshops, courses and more.
Events & Activities
Youth Hub
Dubai Future Academy
Digital Community

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What is AREA 2071?

AREA 2071 is an innovation ecosystem that brings together talent, government, the private sector and other great minds to collaborate in the design and testing of innovative solutions. We create strategic collaborations, and provide growth opportunities for our members.


AREA 2071 is located at the heart of Dubai, at Emirates Towers View on Map


100,000 square feet of coworking space, innovation labs, and facilities to help you thrive.


We are home to innovators, inventors, and entrepreneurs from around the world.

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Human beings, their ideas, innovations, dreams and connections, are the capital of the future. Because where great minds go today, great things will happen tomorrow.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Our Story
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Activities at AREA 2071


From thought-provoking talks to deep dives into the latest scientific breakthroughs, our events bring our communities and stakeholders together with inspiring ideas and the world’s most inquisitive minds.

What Our Members are Saying

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“You get yourself into an inspirational space and then you suddenly realize the art of the possible, and that can happen here in…

Paula newby

CEO Predixa

“Its really collaborative and helpful, the space has really good energy. The flexibility of the area really helps us grow.”



“Who wouldn’t want to be a part of Area2071. Its such a vibrant space you have startups you have freelancers you have government…



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where great minds meet today to design the future.

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Our Partners

These are our Partners of the Future, driven by a common purpose to positively impact a billion or more people worldwide. Through their investments and support, we are able to bring our members new and exciting opportunities to make real and meaningful change.

Be Part of Our Virtual Ecosystem

Be part of AREA 2071’s virtual ecosystem
and enjoy a variety of benefits exclusive to AREA 2071 members!

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