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Be part of AREA 2071’s virtual ecosystem and enjoy a variety of benefits exclusive to AREA 2071 members!

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Guests Are Always Welcome

By joining the AREA 2071 ecosystem, you become part of a global movement to design a better future and positively impact the world.

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We have created the ideal ecosystem and environment to foster creativity, collaboration, and innovation. Our offerings support your ambitions, no matter how daring they may be.

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About AREA 2071

AREA 2071 is an innovation eco-system that brings together the world’s brightest minds – and offers the physical areas, labs, meeting spaces and infrastructure to bring to life the next wave of transformative ideas.

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Events & Activities

In collaboration with some of the biggest industry names, our live and virtual events are sure to keep you stimulated, while advancing your technical and industry knowledge. Get the chance to interact & ask questions with renown entrepreneurs and innovators from around the world.

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Youth Hub

Youth x Hub welcomes innovators from all walks of life, aged between 15 and 35. Students, entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in creating something new are welcome. The hub is a springboard for new ideas, and a platform to connect young creators together.

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Dubai Future Academy

The academy offers future-related courses, workshops, summer camps, and more; all the while, granting you exclusive access to a diverse network of global thought leaders and thinkers. Advance your skills and stimulate your mind with new ideas about different fields.

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Digital Community

Connect and collaborate digitally with the AREA 2071 community through our digital ecosystem powered by “ALIA”, an AI assistant that connects you with other innovators, entrepreneurs and private and government sector employees to collaborate in designing innovative ideas.

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Our Partners

These are our Partners of the Future, driven by a common purpose to positively impact a billion or more people worldwide. Through their investments and support, we are able to bring our members new and exciting opportunities to make real and meaningful change.

What Our Members are Saying

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“You get yourself into an inspirational space and then you suddenly realize the art of the possible, and that can happen here in…

Paula newby

CEO Predixa

“Its really collaborative and helpful, the space has really good energy. The flexibility of the area really helps us grow.”



“Who wouldn’t want to be a part of Area2071. Its such a vibrant space you have startups you have freelancers you have government…



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AREA 2071 caters for three distinct audiences that move, engage and interact fluidly to spark new interactions and give birth to new ideas.



If you are a startup, freelancer or an innovator we welcome you to join our community. This will give you access to our subsidized services, global markets.



We invite government entities, corporates and NGOs to join our community and discover new possibilities for their organizations and industries.

Be Part of Our Virtual Ecosystem

Be part of AREA 2071’s virtual ecosystem
and enjoy a variety of benefits exclusive to AREA 2071 members!