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Dubai Future Foundation, WeRobotics team up to accelerate transfer of robotics solutions to developing countries

July 31, 2016

Dubai Future Foundation today announced that it is collaborating with WeRobotics to accelerate the transfer of appropriate robotics solutions to scale the impact of aid, development and environmental projects in developing countries.
To do this, WeRobotics is co-creating a global network of local innovation labs “Flying Labs” where local partners are trained to use robotics solutions safely, responsibly and effectively.

These robotics solutions will be sourced in part from the winning entries of the UAE AI & Robotics Award for Good and the UAE Drones for Good Award that took place in 2015 and 2016.
CEO of Dubai Future Foundation, Saif Al Aleeli, said the decision to implement the ideas presented at the UAE AI & Robotics Award for Good and the UAE Drones for Good Award in cooperation with WeRobotics is aimed at appreciating creative minds from around the world and endorsing their innovative efforts to serve humanity.

Al Aleeli stated that Dubai Future Foundation is focused on efforts to implement the most innovative ideas and ensure their proper execution to produce the best future technologies that will create future cities and help find solutions to challenges related to people’s daily life in various sectors.

Commenting on the collaboration, Dr. Patrick Meier from WeRobotics, said: “We’re thrilled to have officially launched WeRobotics at the 2016 UAE AI & Robotics Awards. As a result, we have already invited the finalists to join the WeRobotics global network so we can transfer their expertise and technologies to outstanding local partners in developing countries. Our collaboration with the Dubai Future Foundation is invaluable in this respect.”

The finalists of the Awards included: Loon Copter’s novel multi-rotor platform that is capable of aerial flight, on-water surface operation, as well as diving; Buildrone, the winner of the National Competition of the UAE Drones for Good Award, which is capable of detecting damages in construction and carry out repair tasks in hard-to-access environments.

Through its global partnerships, Dubai Future Foundation aims to enhance the strategic sectors of the government and utilise drones and robotics technology to facilitate people’s lives and ensure better services for them.