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Mostaqbal Portal tops list of Arab knowledge platforms in the field of science and future technology

August 28, 2016

Mostaqbal Portal, an innovative knowledge-based initiative launched by Dubai Future Foundation, has established itself as the leading Arab platform to support knowledge and update Arab audiences regarding cutting edge developments in science and future technology.

The Portal topped the list of Arab science platforms in terms of number of followers, visits, and interactions. The site receives up to 20,000 visitors per day, while the platform’s social media platforms have attracted more than four million followers.

HE Saif Al Aleeli, the CEO of Dubai Future Foundation, said that the Mostaqbal Portal serves to support the Dubai Future Agenda, which was launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, in a bid to help talented individuals build their capacities to foresee and mould the future, as well as to keep the public informed of the latest innovations and happenings.

HE Al Aleeli said that HH Sheikh Mohammed’s vision is focused on making the Dubai Future Foundation a platform for the revival of the “House of Wisdom” – the centre of learning in the Golden Age of Islam – and the dissemination of science and knowledge, which supports to the UAE’s humanitarian efforts.

HE added: “The world is witnessing rapid and continuous change, driven by several variables –economic, social and technological, based on the fourth industrial revolution. The role of the Portal is to instil a future-oriented culture among members of the community to help them understand the impact of these variables on their lifestyle by identifying challenges and opportunities.”

HE revealed that a page has been added to the portal to receive submissions on innovation from around the Arab region. The new function engages the wider Arab public, inviting them to create content for the Portal, while also encouraging them to use it as an official scientific reference. The Portal will later be expanded to include visual material and scientific research, all published on a single Arabic-language website.

The platform is constantly being developed, modernised and diversified in terms of content.

As part of Dubai Future Foundation’s commitment to supporting youth and encouraging innovation throughout society, a space has been dedicated for the platform’s pioneers to share their unique experiences and ideas. The Portal then evaluates and rewrites these in a simplified scientific language, more accessible to the general public.

Since its inception, the Portal and its social media channels have witnessed a remarkable increase in the number of users and followers – a testament to its growing importance.

The monthly audit of the Portal and its social media channels revealed a marked increase in both the number of visitors and the level of interactions with the online audience. The platform has been uploading 90 videos per month – a rate of three per day – to its Facebook page. These videos have been viewed a total of 114,636,340 times, while the number of retweets on the Portal’s Twitter account exceeded one million.

Dubai Future Foundation launched Mostaqbal Portal to boost Arabic-language scientific content and to disseminate research, studies, articles, visual material and infographic in several areas related to science and technology, including space science, advanced health sciences, artificial intelligence, networking, and general scientific studies, among others.

It is one of the initiatives falling under the umbrella of the Dubai Future Agenda, launched by HH Sheikh Mohammed and adopted as a strategic framework for all Dubai future Foundation activities.

Mostaqbal Portal’s official website: