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Dubai Future Foundation to Host Emerging Technologies Conference (EmTech) & Launches MIT Technology Review in Arabic

March 4, 2018

The Dubai Future Foundation (DFF) and Haykal Media are set to host the Emerging Technologies Conference (EmTech) in Dubai on September 23-24, 2018. DFF and Haykal Media have also launched the MIT Technology Review Arabic platform and prestigious Innovators under 35 awards.

EmTech is a leading event on emerging technologies, shedding light on the latest inventions, technological breakthroughs, and engineering advancements that will drive the global economy. The conference is set to draw in high-profile decision makers, officials, executives, and entrepreneurs, as well as experts and professionals interested in future trends in technology. Attendees will explore ways to embrace innovation and promote the use of technology to serve humanity and foster a future of shared prosperity.

His Excellency Khalfan Belhoul, CEO of the Dubai Future Foundation, said: “Hosting the conference and launching the platform support the Dubai Future Foundation’s plans to implement the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, Ruler of Dubai, to transform the emirate into an incubator for science, future technologies and innovative solutions, cementing its status as a hub for the futurism industry.”

“The platform, along with the conference and Innovators under 35 awards, is an ideal opportunity for professionals and entrepreneurs to meet with decision makers, exchange experiences and ideas, and learn about the latest scientific and technological innovations. This aligns with our purpose as an organization, and brings us closer to achieving our strategic objectives. We are committed to identifying the brightest minds and most innovative companies from around the world, and bringing them to Dubai to find trailblazing, hi-tech solutions for the challenges of the future, which, in turn, echoes the directives of the Dubai Future Agenda.”

“The Dubai Future Foundation is constantly looking to amplify its efforts to support innovation and propose future-focused solutions,” H.E. Belhoul continued. “We are delighted to be hosting EmTech, a truly world-class platform that embodies our values and aspirations to engage the community in future projects, by honoring talented entrepreneurs and encouraging the community and ecosystem at large to strive for excellence.”

Future Solutions for the Challenges of the Century

EmTech is set to gather prominent decision makers, executives, entrepreneurs, experts and professionals interested in future trends in technology, to explore how to embrace innovation and promote technology as a means to build a better future.

Hosting the Conference resonates with the UAE and Dubai’s directions to build feasible prototypes for the future and across all sectors, cementing the emirate’s position as a center for advanced technologies.

Boosting Innovation in New Technologies

Abdulsalam Haykal, Founder and Chairman of Haykal Media, said: “MIT Technology Review is one of the world’s most respected platforms focused on innovation and emerging technologies. Bringing this platform to the region and localizing its existing content reflects our commitment to enhancing people’s access to specialized, useful and reliable content in Arabic.” Haykal added that “the knowledge sector is a good investment that also yields significant impact on growth and development in the region. The MIT Technology Review magazine in its Arabic edition, along with the annual EmTech Conference and the innovation awards encourage innovation, promote scientific research, and inspire young Arabs to enter this sector.”

“The UAE is the epitome of the Arab renaissance, and is the country of choice for Arab youth to work and live; this places the Emirates in an ideal location to embrace such remarkable initiatives. The country has focused on the future and its technologies, all the while promoting the Arabic language,” Haykal noted. “We have established an exceptional partnership with the Dubai Future Foundation, and found in them a visionary institution with a bold mission to empower the Arab society and prepare them for the future and its advanced instruments.”
Steering the Global Conversation Towards Emerging Technologies
Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau, MIT Technology Review’s CEO & Publisher, said: “Since 1899, MIT Technology Review has led the global conversation about emerging technologies and how they will shape the way we live and work. During this time of great change and promise in the Middle East, we are excited to work with Haykal Media to develop an Arabic-language magazine and a local EmTech event series. We look forward to working with Haykal Media and with the Dubai Future Foundation as a strategic partner. Together, we and our partners hope to support the work being done across the region and the world that uses technology to create a brighter future for all.”

MIT Technology Review – Arabic

The MIT Technology Review platform includes the magazine’s Arabic edition, specializing in innovation and emerging technologies and issued by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston. Arabic will become the magazine’s eighth language after English, Chinese, Japanese, German, Italian, Spanish and Urdu.

In addition to that, the Innovators under 35, an annual list published by MIT Technology Review magazine naming the world’s top 35 innovators under the age of 35, will also be part of the new platform’s offerings. The list recognizes young innovators’ contributions in diverse sectors, including biomedicine, computing, communications, business, energy, and more. Over the years, the Innovators under 35 list has featured influential international innovators, such as the inventors of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Google, among others.