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Dubai Future Foundation’s Knowledge Platforms Reach More Than 400 Million Users Worldwide

April 7, 2018

The Dubai Future Foundation’s (DFF) knowledge platforms now reach more than 400 million people across the globe, introducing users to future sciences and allowing them to develop their skills.

The Foundation had launched a host of initiatives for that purpose, including the Mostaqbal Portal, Popular Science Arabia magazine, the State of the Future Report, MIT Tech Review in Arabic and many other projects that seek to provide quality Arabic-language content. These print and online platforms have been made available on entertainment systems in a number of international airlines that transport more than 50 million passengers a year.

Mostaqbal Portal: A Wide Global Appeal

Dubai Future Foundation’s Knowledge Platforms Reach More Than 400 Million Users Worldwide-04-Mostaqbal-iMac

Statistics revealed that the Mostaqbal Portal has 4.518 million fans on Facebook, where its posts have reached 350 million users and its videos were viewed 140 million times. Meanwhile, 100,000 people follow the Portal on Twitter, where it has recorded 40 million impressions, and where videos were viewed 3.485 million times.

Egypt was home to the lion’s share (19,61%) of the Portal’s social media followers, whereas Syria came in second place with 9,57%, followed by Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Morocco with 8.98%, 6.75%, and 5.6%, respectively. Jordan came in sixth place with 5.33%, followed by Algeria and the UAE with 4.98% and 4,96%, respectively. Rounding up the top 10 were Turkey with 3,48% and Germany with 3,31%.
The vast majority of the visitors (64%) were men, with women accounting for 36% for women. Meanwhile, mobile phone was by far the most popular device to access the Portal with 80%, while 17% of users logged on via desktop, and 3% used a tablet. The Portal’s website was visited by a total of 1.25 million users who recorded 3.69 million page views. The website has published a total of 5,136 articles (109 of them were original), 1,705 videos, and 397 infographics.

Popular Science Arabia: Great Popularity Among Researchers

Dubai Future Foundation’s Knowledge Platforms Reach More Than 400 Million Users Worldwide-05-HH-Letter-PopSci

Launched in collaboration with Haykal Media, Popular Science Arabia magazine has generated great interest within the research community. The Foundation has distributed more than 60,000 print copies of the magazine across the Arab world, containing more than 1,200 articles. Meanwhile, the PopSci website drew more than 177,000 visitors, most of whom were located in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE, and Syria. The website’s content has registered a total of 13.43 million views from all around the region.

MIT Technology Review in Arabic

The Dubai Future Foundation launched the Arabic edition of the MIT Technology Review platform, which focuses on innovation, emerging technologies and their effects on human life. Arabic is the platform’s eighth language after English, Chinese, Japanese, German, Italian, Spanish, and Urdu.
The platform is issued by the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and was inaugurated in 1899 to direct the global discourse around emerging technologies, and explore ways to implement them to serve mankind.

Strategic Partnerships with Media Organisations

With a firm belief in the importance of the media sector and its role in spreading awareness and knowledge, the Foundation has strengthened its cooperation with a number of prominent national and regional media outlets in order to reach the widest possible segment of society. The Foundation, in cooperation with the publishing sector of Dubai Media Incorporated, whereby Al-Bayan and Emarat Al Youm newspapers published DFF’s scientific articles. The Foundation also collaborated with SkyNews to broadcast videos through digital channels.