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Dubai Future Academy launches ‘Insights of the Future’

October 13, 2018

Dubai Future Academy launched ‘Insights of the Future’; an initiative that is set to carry out series of crash course type sessions, which focus on demystifying the latest technologies by allowing participants to gain a better understanding of various technological trends, enabling them to leverage their skills and better utilize these trends for our ever-changing future.

The Dubai Future Academy aims to be a knowledge hub for those creating the future, and by offering such sessions it allows individuals to explore futuristic trends and gain a better understanding of the world around them.

“At a time when the world is witnessing rapid developments in vital sectors that are linked to human life, the ‘Insights of the Future’ series will shed light on the challenges of the future, and offer the appropriate visions and mechanisms to overcome them. The sessions focus on the latest technological and scientific trends, and provides participants with a better understanding to enable them to keep pace with rapid changes and develop their future skills,” said Saeed Al Gergawi, Director of Dubai Future Academy.

“Dubai Future Academy is a center for the dissemination of knowledge to support building the future. Through such sessions, we aim to provide community members with the opportunity to explore future trends and gain a better understanding of the world around them. This supports our efforts to strengthen the position of Dubai and the UAE as a leading global hub for innovation and adoption of new technologies,” added Al Gergawi.

Session on Cyber Security

The first session entitled ‘Cyber Security: Making a sustainable cyber security simple’, was launched in cooperation with Dubai Police, which officially announced the launch of the newly formed Dubai Cyber-Security Cluster.

Futuristic skills

‘Insights of the Future’ is designed to enrich participants’ knowledge through dialogue and exchange of experiences and opinions among selected experts representing government entities, international orgnisations, as well as youth, to enhance their futuristic skills.

The sessions cover several topics, such as ‘Blockchain in advancing government services’, ‘3D Printing: Today’s ideas, tomorrow’s reality’, Artificial Intelligence Beyond Smart Cities’, ‘3D Printing: Stepping into innovation’, ‘Developing nations through space exploration’ and ‘Programming: The language of tomorrow’. Those wishing to enroll can register through the website