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3 government entities and 9 startups announce future projects in Dubai

August 20, 2019

Dubai: Dubai Future Foundation has announced the selection of a number of local and global startups to work on a series of future projects in collaboration with three government entities within the first round of Dubai Future Accelerators’ 6th Cohort.

9 startups from around the world succeeded in finding innovative solutions to challenges launched by Dubai Police, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and Etisalat. These solutions target various sectors such as security services, transportation, customer service, communications, artificial intelligence, digital transformation, and others.

Saeed Al Falasi, Executive Director- Future Design and Acceleration, said: “This fruitful cooperation between government and private entities is a key step toward accelerating the implementation of these innovative solutions, and it stands as a clear example of Dubai’s continuous success in employing advanced technologies in providing revolutionary services that meet current and future requirements.”

Dubai Police Projects

NAYAN, one of the companies to collaborate with the Dubai Police, will work on monitoring traffic violations by using mass outsourcing solutions to collect, process and evaluate road data and provide drivers with information about the routes they follow.

Dubai Police will also collaborate with Space Imaging, a company that offers a variety of products and services ranging from image collection and processing to providing specialized database.

Innovative solutions from RTA

RTA will work with Beemcar, a transportation solutions company, to develop future technologies that will help reduce time and cost associated with the construction and maintenance of roads infrastructure. The government entity will also work with Quantstamp, a company specializing in smart security solutions to improve performance, monitoring, and implementation.

Future challenges in the telecom sector

Etisalat also announced its collaboration with five global companies, including Elmodis, which specializes in energy efficiency and the operation of industrial electric machines by providing comprehensive solutions that enable manufacturers and end-users to monitor the performance of their devices remotely.
Through its collaboration with OpenLedger ApS and Audace Labs, Etisalat is also seeking to employ Blockchain and IoT to develop personnel management solutions, operational efficiency, and service levels.

Wide Participation

30 companies from the UAE, UK, USA, Spain, Denmark, Poland, Finland, France, India, Chile, Japan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Sweden, and Ukraine, are participating in DFAs Cohort 6 to come up with solutions to a number of challenges put forward by 7 government entities.

DFA offers an ideal opportunity for entrepreneurs and startups to work closely with government entities and develop solutions to the challenges and provide innovative models to enhance services.