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Dubai Future Foundation Launch the First Batch of Dubai Future Experts Program

March 10, 2020

Dubai Future Foundation (DFF), in partnership with The Executive Council of Dubai (TEC) launched the first batch of the Dubai Future Expert Program with participants from 14 Dubai government entities and 12 strategic sectors in Dubai such as, urban planning, economics, healthcare, technology, culture, infrastructure, security and justice.

The program aims at establishing a network of verified futurists in different sectors, towards activating the role of National talent in shaping the future of the Dubai government. The Program spans over a year and a half, and consists of three levels: Future Analyst, Future Practitioner and Future Strategist – each with a duration of six months.  A unique methodology is used to involve participants in the development and implementation of the Program gradually from the first to the third level.

The program was developed by the Dubai Future Academy in collaboration with local, regional and global leading future experts. Participants in the Program will work on developing future oriented concepts through a series of extensive workshops and activities that will help them develop the essential foresight skills they need to contribute to designing the future of Dubai. Furthermore, the program aims to develop the skills of Dubai’s National talent in developing and managing initiatives that can have an iconic impact on the future of Dubai.

The evaluation stage included a set of interactive assessments and case interviews to assess the candidates’ knowledge in their sectors, as well as critical thinking and decision-making skills. The evaluation committee included members from the Executive Council of Dubai and DFF to assess the candidate’s potential and ability to visualize the future and contribute to it.

Speaking on the occasion, His Excellency Abdulla Al Basti, Secretary General of The Executive Council of Dubai, said: “Through this program, we work to contribute in activating the role of national talent in the government work; promote a culture of forward-thinking, and design the future of government entities in Dubai. The Dubai Future Experts Program will equip participants with the skills they need to shape the future, such as strategic thinking, social intelligence, scenario planning, and foresight skills. This will develop a new chain to our series of government initiatives that promotes the vital and strategic sectors with local talent pool that can make a difference and a leap in our journey to anticipate the future.”

From his side, His Excellency Khalfan Belhoul, CEO of Dubai Future Foundation, said: “The Program will provide an opportunity for Emiratis to exchange knowledge, experience and best practices. This will enable them to arise with futuristic ideas that will assist government entities in Dubai to develop a revamped system of methodologies for shaping the future, contributing to improve government performance creating a qualitative shift in quality of life.”

An elite group of experts, scholars, entrepreneurs, CEOs and future practitioners from all over the world will participate in preparing and presenting the program. They come from different sectors and specializations, including scenario planning and future outlooks, future shaping methodology, future integration and delivery, and future storytelling.

Earlier this month, the Program concluded its application evaluation stage of more than 80 government entities across major sectors in the UAE. Launched last December by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai Chairman of the Executive Council and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the DFF, the Dubai Future Expert Program aims to activate the role of national talent and establish a pool of verified futurists in key strategic sectors that can be utilized for future projects in Dubai. It also aims to foster a culture of future shaping and designing within governmental entities in the Emirates of Dubai.

Developed in partnership between the Executive Council of Dubai and DFF and supervised by the Dubai Future Academy, the Program provides an opportunity for participants to develop their capabilities in shaping and envisioning the future in line with the UAE’s vision of the future. It also enhances their ability to identify and analyze drivers of change in the UAE, develop agile legislation and policies, as well as, enable participants to become thought leaders in forecasting the future of strategic sectors in the UAE.