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Dubai Future Foundation’s knowledge platforms and publications Reach 5 Million Social Media Followers

April 29, 2020

Since launching in 2016, the Foundation’s knowledge sharing platforms have received more than 500 million views

Dubai Future Foundation’s (DFF) knowledge platforms have reached more than 5 million people across their social media platforms.

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Foundation’s knowledge-sharing platforms including Mostaqbal Portal, Popular Science Arabia, MIT Tech Review Arabia and Future Talks have been diligently sharing quality Arabic content on the latest science and technology developments, for all members of society to understand and stay up to date.

Abdulaziz AlJaziri, Deputy CEO and COO of the Dubai Future Foundation said: “Knowledge sharing is one of the most important pillars that we focus on within the Dubai Future Foundation, and it is clearly represented in His Highness Sheikh Hamdan’s strategy that focuses on promoting and strengthening the country’s position as a global leader in scientific content creation and knowledge-sharing, this to keep members of society abreast with the latest trends and technological advancements globally ,as well as, to enable decision makers within Dubai and the UAE to better anticipate and navigate the future of strategic sectors.”

Since DFF’s launch, Al-Jaziri said that the Foundation’s knowledge platforms have published more than 16,000 articles and have now reached more than 5 million followers on their official social media pages. As a result of UAE’s strategic partnerships with many government and private companies, such as The Ministry of Education, Emirates Airlines, local Emirati newspapers and international news stations, the content is also seeing a global reach.

He added: “The success that we have seen – over 500 views – on DFF’s knowledge platforms, confirms our commitment to continue sharing latest trends, research, and scientific contnt about our latest findings in the science and tech sectors to best prepare key sectors and the general public for the future, especially with the current coronavirus outbreak.”

Excellence In Disseminating Knowledge Content

The knowledge platforms at Dubai Future Foundation are distinguished by their ability to simplify scientific and technical content such as ones attributed to health technology, education, communications, energy, artificial intelligence, blockchain, the internet of things among others for the general public.

Mostaqbal Portal

The number of visits to the Mostaqbal Portal’s website, an Arabic platform dedicated to sharing science and technology news in simplified manner, has reached more than 4.6 million unique visits, while the number of video views that it has published has reached more than 500 million, and its daily news bulletins reach more than 32 thousand subscribers around the world.

The digital content created by the portal has reached over 187 million people, while 12,000 articles that include news updates, studies, and research results have been published.

MIT Technology Review Arabia

In cooperation with Haykal Media and DFF, MIT Technology Review Arabia publishes hundreds of scientific articles through its twice-yearly printed edition. With more than 140 thousand followers on social media, the website publishes several articles specialized in innovation and emerging technology on a daily basis.

Popular Science Arabia

Popular Science magazine, a reader-friendly publication that brings its readers the latest scientific and technological developments around the globe and in the region, published 16 issues in Arabic, 160 thousand copies were distributed in more than 20 countries. The magazine recorded more than 60 million views annually across its various online platforms, and currently has more than 270,000 followers on social media. Founded in 1872, Popular Science magazine has been translated into 30 languages and distributed in 45 countries around the world, winning more than 58 international awards.

Dubai Future Talks

The Dubai Future Talks is a knowledge sharing platform that gathers a global community of visionaries, change makers and pioneers. It seeks to identify ideas, organizations and individuals that are at the forefront of change and broadcast them to audiences via brief engaging videos around the world. The platform currently has more than 131,000 followers on social media, and with a reach of more than 16 million views.