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AREA 2071’s Aviation X Lab Challenge To Bring About Safer, Healthier Experience For Travelers

October 27, 2020

Emirates Airline’s Aviation X Lab, situated in AREA 2071 within the Dubai Future District, has selected six finalists from Finland, USA, Scotland, and the UAE in its virtual competition which aims to nurture market-ready product solutions that can help to reinvigorate and enhance wellbeing in the consumer travel industry.

More than 107 submissions were received from 30 countries, demonstrating the scale of interest in the initiative and global connection with travel.

With the Coronavirus pandemic continuing to drive global uncertainty, the main objective of the competition is to provide a platform for market-ready solutions and products that can enhance health and safety for travellers on-board aircraft and after arriving at their destination – improving the wellbeing of travellers and the overall travel experience.

The finalists focus on enhancing wellbeing through surface disinfection, wearable technology, tele-health and innovative air filtration.

AREA 2071’s Aviation X Lab Challenge To Bring About Safer, Healthier Experience For Travelers-Maha-AlMezaina

Maha AlMezaina, Head of AREA 2071 at Dubai Future Foundation, said, “The current global changes taking place around the world have driven a need to accelerate the adoption of modern technology and to strengthen international partnerships. It’s crucial we keep abreast of emerging trends and develop innovative services, products and solutions to contribute to the transformation of major sectors in the world.”

“AREA 2071 provides an integrated global platform for the development of innovative projects between government entities, international companies and emerging startups, with the aim of developing new opportunities, employing modern technology and supporting global talent in implementing their innovative ideas,” AlMezaina added.

The six best ideas were chosen from a wide range of creative and innovative concepts and were evaluated by a jury comprising of industry and innovation experts. The jury based its decision on the likelihood of implementation and the potential to improve health and safety standards for consumer travel, ultimately restoring confidence in global travel markets.

The Aviation X Lab challenge is in line with AREA 2071’s efforts to create unique programs and industry-specific opportunities to disrupt and further grow strategic sectors in Dubai.