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DFF teams up with Frame Skate to create an Exclusive Edition of the “Habibi Dunk”

December 17, 2020

The future isn’t just about start-ups and technology, it’s also about culture. That is why we teamed up with local skate shop Frame Skate and its Founder and Creative Director, Peter Ahn, to launch the special, limited edition of his infamous “Habibi” Dunk skate shoe.

The shoe is the first ever major collaboration between a UAE-based designer and the iconic sportswear brand Nike. It combines elements of Dubai’s past with contemporary design, highlighting the role that youth culture plays in UAE society today.

Only 50 of these historic editions were made, making them a small part of Dubai’s future history.The exclusive edition comes in a special box, in English and Arabic, which places youth culture at the “heart of the city”. It also sports custom, laser cut lace accessories in the shape of the Frame and the Dubai Future Foundation logo.

The collaboration between Frame DFF represents one part of our mission to highlight emerging trends, showcase important projects, and celebrate the diversity, entrepreneurship and opportunity of the UAE.