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The Digitisation of Critical Infrastructure Report

June 14, 2021

In collaboration with Dubai Police

Digital technology is disrupting the different components that make up the critical infrastructures of countries. The digitisation of transactions, flows, and stocks has made it possible for connected devices and hardware to exchange information across socio-technical ecosystems. This has allowed organisations, especially those operating in the critical infrastructure space, to deploy automated and intelligent communication and self-monitoring systems to analyse and diagnose issues without the need for human intervention.

Digitisation Changed the Design of Critical Infrastructure to Support the Following Principles

Ability to work without any human intervention should be sufficient for continuous updates to maintain high-security standards.

Technologies should protect components of the critical infrastructure.

Systems and machines connect through publicly owned infrastructure with different technologies.

High-security standards are required to protect against cyber-attacks.


As Dubai-based businesses and public service providers continue to build the capabilities necessary to reap the benefits of digital technologies, the risks of cyber-crime will continue to grow in magnitude. Just like a pandemic, cyber risks need to be managed collectively and through broad, coordinated planning and action that includes government, organisations, and banks.